Choosing the Right Patio Doors: Sliding Patio Doors vs. French Doors

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Choosing the Right Patio Doors: Sliding Patio Doors vs. French Doors

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Finding the right patio doors for your home requires knowing your options. Here is what you should know about sliding patio doors vs. French doors.

Did you know that one of the most popular home renovation projects is replacing windows and doors?

In an industry that reaches approximately $800 billion spent per year by consumers, home renovation is rapidly growing. As part of your home improvement journey, you may be trying to figure out how to find the right patio doors for your home. As eyes are the windows to the soul, so are the doors to your home.

Here is everything you need to know about sliding patio doors versus French doors.


The Difference Between Sliding Patio Doors and French Doors

Before diving into how you can make the best decision on doors for you and your home, you need to understand the fundamental differences between sliding patio doors and French doors.

Here are the must-know characteristics for French doors:

  • French doors open from the middle and are placed on hinges
  • When it comes to French doors, you can opt to open one door at a time or open both for a wider entrance
  • Depending on the manufacturer, French door sidelights may be an option to increase the amount of light that can fill a home


And now, let’s look at the main characteristics of sliding patio doors:

  • With sliding patio doors, you can choose between two doors sliding in opposite directions from the center or have doors that slide over one another in one direction
  • Sliding doors do not have chunky frames and are typically composed of large panels of glass
  • Depending on the manufacturer, homeowners can have up to 40′ of uninterrupted expansive views


Now that we have the fundamentals covered, let’s have a look at the benefits of each option.


Benefits of French Doors

French doors can be stunning, given the way that they may fit into a home. Generally speaking, French doors are associated with more classic design and traditional homes.

However, manufacturers are starting to create more modern French doors. Removing the grids, offering the doors and frames in black, and allowing homeowners to install custom hardware has given these new French doors a more modern aesthetic.

French doors give homeowners the option of selecting from aluminum or vinyl framing. These details give French doors a unique personality and can be customized to suit the rest of your home, especially if you want to keep a traditional look throughout your residence. Homeowners can also choose to add French door sidelights to allow additional light to flood their homes. These non-operable glass panels can create a dramatic look for any residence.

Another benefit? The space they can create by opening both doors means you can move large furniture in and out of your home with ease.


French Doors Considerations

The one thing to consider about French doors is that they need a significant amount of space to swing open and close. So potentially, you may not be using your floor space in the best possible way. If saving space is a consideration, then exploring sliding patio doors may be a better option.


enefits of Sliding Patio Doors

The first benefit is that the doors slide into each other or the sides, so you’re using your available floor space cleverly. No additional floor space is required with sliding glass doors.

Also, sliding doors are easy for children and older adults to operate, with no risk of slamming fingers in door hinges. Sliding glass doors are an excellent option for homes going for a more contemporary, modern look as they emulate sophistication with the full-glass look. Some modern sliding glass doors are available in 90- and 135-degree corners with multitrack configurations and can come in panels up to 12′ tall.


Sliding Patio Doors Considerations

As with large glass panels, you’ll have to add cleaning your sliding patio door panels to the weekly chore list. Otherwise, you’ll be staring out of dirty, smudged glass. The track that the doors run along can also require additional maintenance, with dust and dirt that may collect in the channels.


Choosing the Right Patio Doors for Your Home

Ultimately, deciding between sliding patio doors and French doors is entirely up to your taste. Our advice is to find professionals who will visit your home and advise what meets your needs.


Are you interested in learning more about French doors or sliding glass doors? All Glass & Windows is one of the leading dealers in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas. We are ready to help you with your French doors, sliding patio doors, and any other Sarasota windows and doors you may need.

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