Glass Windows: Know What You Need

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August 22, 2019
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Glass Windows: Know What You Need

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Whether it’s a new build or a remodel, purchasing glass windows can be a daunting experience. Before reaching out to a company or contractor, it’s important to complete this initial checklist:

  • How many glass windows and doors do I need? What are the rough measurements for each?
  • What special requirements are there? Example, do I need hurricane impact windows or is glazing required?
  • What is my budget for this project (product + installation)?
  • Are there any city/regional/state requirements for my glass windows and doors? Note, a trusted company can help you answer this but it’s good for you to also do your own research.
  • Are there other challenges I want my new glass windows and doors to assist with? Examples include, safety and security or energy-efficiency?
  • If there are examples of glass windows and doors you’ve seen before (online or in person) be ready to share those when speaking with prospective companies and contractors.
  • Ask your neighbors. You don’t have to use the company, contractor or products that your neighbors have used but they can probably give you insight into what they have learned if they recently went through the process.

Once you’ve armed yourself with your needs and wants, it’s time to speak with companies and contractors. We always recommend you do the following when evaluating a company or contractor:

  • Ask your neighbors for referrals
  • Ask your colleagues/friends/families that live in the area
  • Stop in and visit showrooms in your area
  • Do general research online. Example read testimonials on their website.
  • Look at the Better Business Bureau along with other 3rd-party websites for reviews and insight.
  • Meet with your top choices and ask to learn more about:
    • The products they use
    • Guarantees and warranties
    • Installation availability and timelines
    • Free quotes
    • Any promotions or deals they may be running or the manufacturers they work with may have
    • Will they let you speak directly with existing customers so you can hear about their personal experiences?

No matter how simple your glass windows and doors needs are, it’s important you do your research before making such a large investment. Especially in Florida, hurricane impact windows and doors are something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. So, make sure you give yourself enough runway to do all your research, hire the right team and have everything installed before the next hurricane season.

If you’d like to consider All Glass & Windows we invite you check-out our testimonials or contact us for a free quote.

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