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June 10, 2020
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Residential Windows – PGT Picture Windows

Residential Windows - PGT Casement Windows - Casement Window

What is a picture window?

A picture window is a large, fixed-pane window, generally made without glazing bars. A picture window is typically used for larger openings or where an open window is not required. The name picture window comes from the fact that it is designed to give you a picture of your outdoor surroundings without any obstructions. This style of window acts as a picture frame and brings in more daylight. Picture windows are an excellent choice for dining rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, or anywhere ventilation is not a concern.

PGT Picture Windows – Residential Windows

At PGT Custom Windows + Doors, every aspect of their work is created with relationships at heart—building products for every day and once in a lifetime. For homeowners, this means peace of mind, no matter the weather. PGT offers numerous types of residential windows, including picture windows. PGT has picture windows in both aluminum and vinyl to address the needs of any homeowner. Explore PGT’s picture windows:

PGT ClassicVue Max™ Aluminum Picture Windows

PGT’s aluminum non-impact picture windows deliver an exceptional solution for your next project. Built with pride, ClassicVue Max is engineered to withstand corrosion from salt water, heat, light, and moisture exposure. PGT’s continuous product testing with the industry’s most respected organizations also ensures that you can enjoy the view with confidence. ClassicVue Max products come standard with exterior-glazed clear glass and a white frame, ideal for new construction and remodeling projects. Explore PGT’s ClassicVue Max picture windows:

PGT Scout Aluminum Picture Window

The Scout picture window is part of PGT’s aluminum non-impact windows that everyone can enjoy the quality and performance of from a brand you trust and depend on. The Scout aluminum picture window is available in a variety of architectural shapes. Scout products are continuously validated by the industry’s accredited organizations. These certifications, ratings, and tests include:

  • Florida Product Approval
  • National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC)
  • Sound Transmission Class (STC)
  • Approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ)

Scout picture windows are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry, including a 3-year warranty on the frame and component parts a 10-year warranty on the insulating glass units. Scout picture windows come standard with exterior glazed clear glass and a white frame, ideal for new construction and remodeling projects. Explore PGT’s Scout picture window:

PGT WinGuard® Vinyl Picture Window

Designed to be even stronger and even more beautiful. PGT’s WinGuard vinyl picture window line features its most attractive profile ever, with larger sizes capable of handling the highest of design pressures. The new and improved WinGuard still meets the toughest hurricane codes in the country. It still protects against flying debris, intruders, outside noise, and UV rays. It’s still everything you love about the nation’s #1 brand of impact-resistant windows and doors — plus a whole lot more. PGT WinGuard vinyl picture windows feature:

  • Laminated insulating glass to provide an all-in-one solution for continuous, effortless protection from hurricanes, outside noise, UV rays and intruders.
  • One of the industry’s largest selections of frame colors and a variety of hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles, and patterns to customize any homeowner’s PGT WinGuard vinyl picture window.

Explore PGT’s WinGuard® Vinyl Picture Window:

PGT WinGuard® Aluminum Picture Window

PGT® WinGuard® aluminum picture windows are built to withstand some of life’s most demanding situations. The heavy-duty window frames hold impact-resistant laminated glass — the primary barrier that continuously protects your home throughout major storms deters break-ins from intruders and safeguards your belongings from UV rays. Beyond WinGuard aluminum’s remarkable protection, America’s favorite brand of impact-resistant products also helps you save time, energy, and money by eliminating the need for clunky and unsightly shutters that can take hours to install.

When severe weather strikes, time is your most important resource. With WinGuard® aluminum picture windows, there is no racing to install plywood or heavy shutters. PGT’s impact-resistant windows help save lives. They resist flying debris in hurricane conditions and deter opportunistic intruders. Even if the glass cracks during impact, it will remain secure in its frame, preventing outside elements like wind and water from infiltrating your home. Additionally, with PGT products installed, your home insurance premium may be reduced. Explore PGT’s WinGuard® Aluminum Picture Window:

PGT manufactures in Florida and distributes to customers and families around the world, and they are proud to serve your building needs with a clear purpose. All Glass and Windows offer multiple PGT windows and doors, so we invite you to reach out with any questions so we can match you with the right residential windows and doors. Call us today at 941.379.9555 for a quote and learn why people come to us for impact windows Sarasota.

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