Residential Glass: Enhance Your Home with New Residential Windows and Glass

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Residential Glass: Enhance Your Home with New Residential Windows and Glass

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When homeowners start thinking about replacing their residential windows, that’s usually where they stop. When considering making updates or replacing existing residential windows, we like for our customers to consider additional improvements that could increase their home value.

Residential windows, especially in the Sarasota area, do more than “look good.” They protect homeowners from hurricanes, the heat and more. By replacing your residential windows, your home can better withstand the impact of a hurricane and your energy bill might go down due to their efficiency.

Homes use glass in many common and unique ways. So, when considering an upgrade to your residential windows, it’s also important to think about how else you use glass in your home. Some of our customers decide to update their residential glass doors when they’re upgrading their windows or consider bigger projects like custom windows and doors. They want to take full advantage of the energy efficiency new windows and doors can provide them.

There are other ways residential glass upgrades can help improve the beauty of your home. We ask that our customers consider the following when investing in residential glass:

  • Custom Balcony and Deck Glass: Glass can be used to give you an unobstructed view of the water. And let’s be honest, that’s why we love living in Florida.
  • Custom Shower Glass: There’s no reason to remodel a home then hide your beautiful tile work behind a shower curtain. With custom shower glass you can showcase beautiful craftsmanship while making your bathroom feel larger.
  • Custom Cabinet and Shelving Glass: There’s no reason to not include other types of projects when you’re making large residential glass investments. Replacing wood shelves with glass ones or adding custom glass cabinets can enhance the home of your look and allow you to showcase your items in a beautiful way.
  • Custom Mirrors: Whether you’re replacing old ones, or adding new ones, custom mirrors will make your home feel more expansive and help bring the outdoors in.

We enjoy helping our customers with residential windows, but we always want to make sure they are considering all the ways they can use glass in their homes to make them more energy efficient and beautiful.

We invite you to see examples of our residential glass installations and learn more.

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