Aluminum French Doors – PGT WinGuard Preferred French Door fd750

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July 20, 2020
Vinyl French Doors - PGT WinGuard French Door - Glass French Doors - PGT Doors
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August 7, 2020

Aluminum French Doors – PGT WinGuard Preferred French Door fd750

Aluminum French Doors - PGT WinGuard French Door - Glass French Doors - PGT Doors

What is a French Door?

French Doors are a sophisticated way of bringing the outdoors inside. Connect waterfront views with your home; enjoy unobstructed gardens, the pool, the hills, or sunsets from any place you desire. Whether an elegant entry door solution or a simple passage door from a bedroom or to the backyard, French doors can fit virtually any application you desire. French doors can also be used inside of a home to give a study or office additional privacy.

Why PGT WinGuard Aluminum French Doors?

PGT® WinGuard® aluminum French doors give you effortless hurricane protection and security through life’s storms. PGT’s impact doors help save lives. They resist flying debris in hurricane conditions and deter opportunistic intruders. Even if the glass cracks during impact, it will remain secure in its frame, preventing outside elements like wind and water from infiltrating your home. Additionally, with PGT products installed, your home insurance premium may be reduced.

Weathering a storm is a stressful experience. And in a home covered in plywood or shutters, that stress can be amplified by the roar of the storm on top of complete darkness, should the power go out. PGT doors not only minimize sound through a storm but everyday noises, too — from honking cars to lawnmowers and more.

PGT WinGuard Aluminum products feature laminated glass comprising two panes bonded together with a robust and transparent interlayer for effortless impact resistance in a heavy-duty frame. In a state-of-the-art testing lab, PGT spends hundreds of hours making sure each PGT WinGuard Aluminum door meets or exceeds the International Building Code for:

  • Air infiltration
  • Deglazing
  • Structural integrity
  • Water resistance
  • Forced-entry resistance
  • Small- and large-missile impact protection

Learn more about all of PGT’s WinGuard impact-resistant products.

PGT Aluminum French Doors – Residential Doors

At PGT Custom Windows + Doors, every aspect of their work creates relationships at heart—building products for every day and once in a lifetime. For homeowners, this means peace of mind, no matter the weather. PGT offers numerous types of residential doors, including French doors. PGT has French doors in both aluminum and vinyl to address the needs of any homeowner.

PGT WinGuard Preferred Aluminum French Door (FD750)

PGT’s aluminum non-impact French doors deliver an exceptional solution for your next project. PGT WinGuard Aluminum French door (FD750) withstands some of life’s most demanding situations. The heavy-duty French door frame holds impact-resistant laminated glass — the primary barrier that continuously protects your home throughout major storms, deters break-ins from intruders, and safeguards your belongings from UV rays.

“WinGuard® impact-resistant products have effortlessly protected families for more than 20 years. We’re proud to keep that tradition going.” —KEN VANDERBENT, LEAD DESIGN ENGINEER

The Preferred French door (FD750), provides:

  • EASY OPENING– Heavy-duty piano hinge supports the weight of the aluminum french door
  • 3-POINT STAINLESS-STEEL LOCKING SYSTEM– Provides added strength and security to the French door
  • PREPPED FOR EUROPEAN-STYLE HARDWARE– Accommodates the architectural design of any home requiring French doors
  • MODULAR DESIGN– Fill large openings with matching French door sidelights that provide additional light into the house or room

PGT manufactures in Florida and distributes to customers and families around the world, and they are proud to serve your building needs with a clear purpose. All Glass and Windows offer multiple PGT windows and doors, so we invite you to reach out with any questions so we can match you with the right residential doors and windows. Call us today at 941.379.9555 for a quote.

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