Beatriz O. - Sarasota, FL

The purpose of this letter is to highly recommend All Glass to anyone looking to install new or change existing glass windows in their home. My experience with you and your company has been outstanding!

My first introduction to your company was through my general contractor, regarding an addition to my home. There were 10 impact windows installed in all, including a couple of beautiful bay windows. I was so impressed by the quality of the windows and the workmanship of your personnel, that I decided to change all existing windows in the house. My home is over 40 years old and needed major updating. You were very patient in explaining the options, measuring the spaces, and suggesting the best product. You also worked diligently with me to insure your quote was within my budget.

Once I made the decision based on the options you presented, the delivery of the product was right on time with the quoted lead time. Your personnel arrived on time, were very courteous, and worked diligently to ensure all was installed perfectly. They were clean and methodical in their process. One of the old window sills showed decay from years of being exposed to the elements, and your people procured the necessary materials to repair it and install the new window properly.

Your service department is also excellent! After a couple of months, one of the windows stoppers' had a manufacturer defect. It took your company less than 48 hours to come and assess the problem, including coordinating with the manufacturer for the prompt repair. You were very good at following up with me and insuring the issue had been resolved to my satisfaction.

After a few months, I am delighted to report that my utility bills have decreased, the outside noise diminished significantly, and my peace of mind regarding safety is evident. Thank you and your personnel for such wonderful work!

Grace L. - Sarasota, FL

We wanted to tell you that we highly recommend your company to anyone who is thinking of up-grading their windows and doors. You took time to discuss and explain the options available, such as impact glass, non-impact glass, tinted windows, etc. – a major decision when making changes to one’s home. I wanted a glass contractor near me, and your expertise and advice helped us to decide the best choice to suit our needs. You allowed us to come to our own decisions and gave us the time to think about it…you were not "pushy." Your concern was for "the customer." In October, we contracted with your company to replace outdated single-pane patio doors in the living room, family room and master bedroom. Our reasons to have replacement doors and windows were due to high electric bills as well as safety and security concerns. We were so impressed with the quality and appearance of the new glass doors, plus the beauty and value they added to our home, we decided to have your company replace the rest of the windows. Your workmen are courteous and professional, know their job and always arrived "on time." You, personally, were diligent during periodic inspections to ensure our satisfaction as the job progressed, attended to detail and did a "final" inspection once the work was completed. We now have the added security we were looking for, not just for hurricane season but for safety and security against vandalism, not to mention the savings we will now have on our energy bill.

Bob J. - Bradenton, FL

When we recently remodeled our home, All Glass installed our new glass shower door. We found your service to be professional, the price to be competitive, and your staff had excellent product knowledge. Our overall experience with All Glass was among the best of all the contractors that we worked with. I am taking the time to provide this review because we were exceptionally pleased with both the quality of your service and product. For us, All Glass provided very good value for the dollar.

Patty B. - Venice, FL

I needed a glass contractor near me, so All Glass put in sliding glass doors for us. They put in seven glass doors; each one is about five feet wide. They are outstanding. They brought the glass doors down from Sarasota and they put them in for less than half the price of a contractor in Venice. They came down with the right number of guys and I highly recommend them.

Elliot J. - Sarasota, FL

Rodney and Lindsay from All Glass were here today replacing the glass windows, and they were great! Just wanted to give you that info in case you wanted to pass it along to their boss. Not only did they do a nice job replacing the glass for large windows; they had to do a bunch of extra work to get to our front window and then, on their way out, quickly fixed our glass door that has been sticking for months. I thought I'd pass it along since it's always nice to know when someone goes above and beyond their basic job.

Nicki Rutkowski - Palmetto, FL

Life in our house has positively changed since the windows have been installed. I can't thank you all enough for your professionalism, efficiency, attention to this customer's needs, and just an overall exceptionally comfortable install process. Be assured that I have and will recommend All Glass and Windows to everyone who even mentions thinking of choosing new windows (or doors).
Kristy: as initial point of contact and then meeting you I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to this major purchase for my home upgrade. Your quick response to my email inquiry and subsequent answers to my questions and explanations added to my window reinstall knowledge. Thank you.
Virginia and Ashley: Your scheduling updates kept me informed and relieved my anxiety of when?? will my windows be done! I understand factory delays and mistakes out of your control cause scheduling issues. Thank you both!
Theo: You made everything better with just the right amount of attention to my concerns. Your promptness to my calls and messages was impressive. Thank you.
Tom and Paul: Wish I had more windows for you to reinstall! I appreciate your expertise, kindness, knowledge, suggestions and manner in which you worked. I learned a lot from each of you about being a master of the art of taking out and putting in windows with minimal disruption and mess. We all felt comfortable the entire time you worked diligently to complete the entire house reinstall. Thank you many times over! (note to Paul: the old sleeping pup passed away several days ago, he was 19)
David and Carey: I couldn't forget to acknowledge your visit ! Thanks for making sure all the measurements were correct.
I appreciate you all.

Dee Dee and Jim Gatch, Bradenton, FL

We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the great window installation work done by Kyle and Ryan this past Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They checked every window for an accurate fit before removing the old window, they were meticulous with each window install and always did a wonderful job of cleaning up.

We really appreciated them and the great job they did for us. Please let them know they are appreciated!

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