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CGI windows and doors are the premier manufacturer of hurricane-resistant glass for windows and doors. All Glass & Windows uses CGI windows and doors because they offer advanced hurricane protection of home and commercial structures in both new and existing construction. In addition to using impact-resistant laminated glass and the finest hardware, CGI windows and doors are strong and beautiful – a function of their workmanship, pride, and engineering excellence they have offered since 1992.

We understand that you have a choice when evaluating CGI Windows dealers. All Glass & Windows offers the following CGI products to Sarasota, Florida, customers:

  • CGI French doors
  • CGI sliding glass doors
  • CGI casement windows
  • CGI single hung windows
  • CGI horizontal rolling windows
  • CGI designer fixed windows
  • CGI fixed windows
  • CGI project-out windows
  • CGI awning windows

As a leading CGI Windows dealer, All Glass & Windows offers all product lines of CGI windows and doors. These windows and doors offer convenient, attractive impact doors for every kind of property. Many of CGI’s impact windows and doors meet the strict Miami-Dade requirements and comply with the most rigorous large-missile standard. They test their hurricane windows relentlessly to ensure strength that keeps homes and commercial buildings protected against hurricanes and other weather events. With more than 13 years of experience as a CGI Windows dealer, let us help you select the ideal CGI doors and windows for your project. Find the custom solution you’re looking for within CGI’s multiple product lines. CGI offers options to boost energy efficiency, lower costs, and more.

CGI Window and Door Product Lines

    • Sentinel by CGI: Exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and protection — that’s what Sentinel by CGI is all about. A complete line of impact resistant windows and doors, Sentinel windows are trusted by building professionals and homeowners who want aesthetically enhancing and reliable hurricane protection.
    • Sparta by CGI: Sparta is a great option if you are looking to upgrade to hurricane impact windows and hurricane impact doors at an affordable price. With Sparta, you can have 24/7, year-round storm-ready protection that building professionals trust, leaving cumbersome plywood and storm shutters behind.
    • Scout by CGI: The Scout aluminum non-impact collection is built with pride and engineering excellence. An exceptional value, these high-performance windows and doors bring strength and style to new homes and renovations.

For more than 25 years, CGI windows and doors have been used by homeowners and architects because they are hurricane resistant glass products that provide the level of quality required to build their vision and give homeowners the quality they deserve. Trusted CGI Windows dealers have the expertise and experience needed to assist you in selecting the right products for your project.

Choose The RightI Hurricane and Impact Windows for the Sarasota, FL Area

Extreme weather events can be catastrophic, with wind-borne debris crashing through windows and possessions destroyed in a matter of minutes. Hurricanes, tornadoes, and straight-line winds are all potential culprits for damaging your home if you don’t have the proper window protection. Having the right impact windows is essential to protect from these devastating occurrences.

How Do Extreme Winds Affect Residential and Commercial Properties in Florida?

Windows are one of the most vulnerable components of a building envelope during wind events. Non-impact windows won’t provide adequate protection against strong winds, weather elements, and debris – which is why impact windows like those made by CGI are essential to safeguarding your safety and possessions from disaster.

The International Hurricane Protection Association warns that when the wind gets into a home during a hurricane, the roof and major parts of the house can be gone in minutes due to an intense pressure buildup. Such force will tear apart any structure, leaving it completely devastated.

CGI Impact Windows and Doors Are Tested to Protect During Storms and Every Day After

Protect your home from hurricanes and other harsh weather conditions with CGI impact windows and doors – rigorously tested to ensure durability. Furthermore, CGI impact windows and doors offer numerous other advantages to ensure your Florida house remains secure and cozy year-round—not just during storm season.

  • Security: Not only does the structural engineering of CGI impact windows and doors protect from hurricane-force winds and debris, but it also serves as a strong deterrent for unwelcome intruders. Built with laminated glass, CGI impact windows and doors won’t detach from the frame to provide entry — even if struck by a heavy object. Most of those who own CGI impact resistant windows express an increased sense of safety from intruders.
  • Lower Energy Costs: Transform your energy efficiency with various glass options from CGI, such as tinted laminated and Low-E coatings. By utilizing more efficient heating and cooling techniques in your home, you can save on energy bills that would amount to considerable savings over time. In reality, those with CGI impact windows and doors observed an average 10% cutback in their monthly energy costs.
  • Less Noise Disruption: Impact resistant glass not only effectively absorbs sound but also eliminates any noise frequencies that may be present. With this new addition, you will experience a more serene environment with fewer disturbances from thunderstorms and everyday noises like lawnmowers, parties, traffic jams, or construction. In a recent survey, 63% of those who had installed impact windows said they rarely or never hear outside noise.
  • UV Ray Reduction: Prevent your home furnishings and artwork from dulling over time with laminated impact glass. CGI impact windows and doors’ superior protective features block out 99% of UV rays, ensuring that you say goodbye to regular costly replacements
  • Wise Investment: Investing in CGI hurricane impact windows and doors can be a worthwhile decision that yields long-term savings. With the security they provide, homeowners may quickly experience a reduction in their property insurance expenditures while enjoying greater resale value for years to come.

With CGI windows and doors, you are provided with the strength that is:

  • Ready when you are: With CGI hurricane resistant glass, you receive impact-resistant windows that help you quickly move from storm-fearing to storm-ready.
  • Ready to perform: Homeowners love CGI windows and doors. But did you know that architects and builders do as well? With consistent products and predictable results, CGI windows and doors are the professional’s choice.

CGI Windows dealers in the Florida area are relatively easy to come by. Still, All Glass has the experience and references to showcase why we should be the only CGI Windows dealer you consider. We invite you to explore Florida-based CGI’s website to learn more about their products and why All Glass & Windows chooses to use them in our projects. Also, learn more about why we’re a CGI dealer on our blog.

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