Vinyl French Doors – PGT WinGuard Preferred French Door fd5555

Aluminum French Doors - PGT WinGuard French Door - Glass French Doors - PGT Doors
Aluminum French Doors – PGT WinGuard Preferred French Door fd750
August 7, 2020
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August 31, 2020

Vinyl French Doors – PGT WinGuard Preferred French Door fd5555

Vinyl French Doors - PGT WinGuard French Door - Glass French Doors - PGT Doors

What is a French Door?

French Doors are a sophisticated way of bringing the outdoors inside. Connect waterfront views with your home; enjoy unobstructed gardens, the pool, the hills, or sunsets from any place you desire. Whether an elegant entry door solution or a simple passage door from a bedroom or to the backyard, French doors can fit virtually any application you desire. Vinyl French doors can also be used inside of a home to give a study or office additional privacy. Vinyl is a popular, low-maintenance, and affordable option for French doors. Vinyl French doors provide resistance to water and air infiltration, wind, and outside noise — meaning you’ll have peace of mind when it comes to protecting your home from hurricanes or the noise outside your doors. Exterior vinyl French doors are energy-efficient and can assist in stabilizing your indoor temperature year-round, while possibly lowering your energy bills at the same time.

Why PGT WinGuard Vinyl French Doors?

PGT® WinGuard® Vinyl products are designed to be even stronger and even more beautiful. WinGuard Vinyl French doors meet the toughest hurricane codes in the country and protect against flying debris, intruders, outside noise, and UV rays. It is still everything you love about the nation’s #1 brand of impact-resistant doors and a whole lot more. PGT’s WinGuard Vinyl French doors provide continuous, effortless hurricane protection. WinGuard Vinyl products protect the beauty of your home. WinGuard vinyl French doors feature:

  • Laminated insulating glass to provide an all-in-one solution for continuous, effortless protection.
  • A design including SecureConnect Technology (integrated corner keys), aluminum interlocks, and multi-point locking systems to deliver impact performance in large sizes and with high design pressures.

PGT WinGuard Vinyl French doors meet or exceed the International Building Code for:

  • Air infiltration
  • Deglazing
  • Structural integrity
  • Residential intruder protection
  • Water resistance
  • Forced-entry resistance

Learn more about all of PGT’s WinGuard vinyl impact-resistant products.

PGT Vinyl French Doors – Residential Doors

At PGT Custom Windows + Doors, every aspect of their work creates relationships at heart—building products for every day and once in a lifetime. For homeowners, this means peace of mind, no matter the weather. PGT offers numerous types of residential doors, including French doors. PGT has French doors in both vinyl and aluminum to address the needs of all homeowners.

PGT WinGuard Vinyl French Door (FD5555)

WinGuard vinyl french doors (FD5555) feature:

  • Impact-Resistant Laminated Insulating Glass- A glass makeup that features an interlayer sandwiched between two pieces of glass to create a virtually impenetrable barrier. The third piece of glass offers enhanced insulation, further reducing your energy costs.
  • ComfortLift Handles- PGT’s ComfortLift handle provides fingertip operation when opening or closing the windows.
  • Multiple Color Options- Customers can choose from the standard white or optional bronze, beige, and black frame colors for their vinyl French doors.

The Preferred French door (FD5555), provides:

  • Mechanically fastened corners- For added strength & durability
  • Traditional panel joinery- Enjoy the aesthetics and charm of a traditional wood door without the maintenance
  • Multi-point locking system- Creates a built-in anti-lift device to provide enhanced strength and security
  • Stainless steel hinges- Corrosion resistant and ensured smooth door operation
  • Conventional 4-9/16″ frame depth- Fits easily into openings without costly modifications
  • Solid cellular vinyl material- Sounds and feels like solid wood

PGT is the authority on impact-resistant windows and doors. After Hurricane Andrew devastated South Florida and caused billions of dollars in damage, PGT worked with Miami-Dade County to establish new codes and testing protocols to provide further protection to people and property when the next storm hit. PGT manufactures in Florida and distributes to customers and families around the world, and they are proud to serve your building needs with a clear purpose. All Glass and Windows offer multiple PGT windows and doors, so we invite you to reach out with any questions so we can match you with the right residential doors and windows. Call us today at 941.379.9555 for a quote.

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