CGI Sparta vs Sentinel: A Comparison of CGI Sentinel vs Sparta Products

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CGI Sparta vs Sentinel: A Comparison of CGI Sentinel vs Sparta Products

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About CGI

CGI® is a trusted brand that has been providing strength and flexibility for decades to architects professional home builders and homeowners. As a member of the PGT Innovations family, their team is committed to providing high-quality CGI products that are built to last and exceed expectations.


CGI Sparta vs Sentinel

Both the Sparta and Sentinel lines by CGI offer hurricane protection products for architects, building professionals, and homeowners. Below we let you compare CGI Sentinel vs Sparta products so you can determine which products are ideal for your project.


About CGI Sparta Windows and Doors

At a reasonable price, Sparta can be an excellent choice for upgrading to hurricane impact windows and doors. With Sparta, you may have year-round storm-ready protection that architects and building professionals trust, leaving complicated plywood and storm shutters behind. The first value-custom line from CGI Windows and Doors, Sparta, was created to make impact glass more accessible to more homeowners than ever before. Stainless steel fasteners, high design pressures of up to +55/-65psf, and corrosion-resistant hardware provide strength at an unrivaled price. The CGI Sparta Collection offers various products.


CGI Sparta Windows

  • CGI Sparta Single Hung Windows: The CGI Sparta Series 4100A Single Hung Impact Window is a budget-friendly option. This impact-resistant window has block and tackle balance rods and gasket seals at frame corners for your convenience, as well as equal or unequal vents. It’s great for use in any room of your house, including kitchens and bathrooms.
  • CGI Sparta Horizontal Rolling Windows: The CGI Sparta Series 4110A Horizontal Rolling Window is a budget-friendly impact window. It comes in two and three-panel forms with brass rollers and gasket seals around the frame corners for extra durability. For natural lighting, security, and great views, it may be used in bedrooms and kitchens for security, natural lighting, and expansive views.
  • CGI Sparta Fixed/Picture Windows: The CGI Sparta Series 4120A Picture Window is a cost-effective impact-resistant window. This fixed window has extruded aluminum glazing beads and silicone sealed corners, making it ideal for any room in your house. Install these one-of-a-kind features in entryways to provide natural light and an architectural appeal.


CGI Sparta Doors

  • CGI Sparta Sliding Glass Doors: The CGI Sparta Series 4130A Sliding Glass Door is a value-optimized impact door with several standard features. For versatility, these superior sliding glass doors come in two or three-track configurations and include big individual door panels. Install these appealing residential doors throughout the exterior of your home.


About CGI Sentinel Windows and Doors

Sentinel by CGI is all about exceptional quality, handiwork, and protection. Sentinel windows are used by building professionals and homeowners who want aesthetically enhancing and sturdy hurricane security. At an affordable price, Sentinel by CGI customers enjoy excellent quality, craftsmanship, energy efficiency, and durability. Sentinel’s complete range of windows and doors is custom-built to improve the appearance of your property while protecting you from the most severe coastal weather. The Sentinel Collection is the finest of all possible worlds when it comes to hurricane-resistant windows and doors: visually appealing, practically effective, and cost-effective. The CGI Sentinel Collection offers a multitude of products.


CGI Sentinel Windows

  • Sentinel Single Hung Windows: The Sentinel Series 110 Single Hung Impact Window is an impact-resistant window with a lot of great features. This single-hung window is built with commercial-grade aluminum frames that are architecturally attractive and even sightlines for aesthetics, water, and air resistant captured bottom rail, stainless steel fasteners for extra strength, and several points of weatherstripping. It is an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.
  • Sentinel Horizontal Rolling Windows: The CGI Sentinel Series 120 Horizontal Rolling Window features nylon rollers with stainless steel ball bearings that glide on a nylon track, as well as various points of weatherstripping for air and water resistance and stainless steel fasteners for additional strength. It comes in two- and three-panel versions, allowing you to personalize your window’s style.
  • Sentinel Fixed/PIcture Windows: The Sentinel Series 130 Fixed Window by CGI is compatible with a variety of sizes and shapes up to 33 square feet, featuring a narrow frame that allows you to maximize the area of glass in your home. The fastener accents the end result nicely, giving this product a clean window style for any room in your house.
  • Sentinel Casement Windows: The CGI Sentinel Series 238SN impact-resistant casement window has clean lines and high-end aluminum construction. These casement windows may be used interchangeably in your home thanks to hurricane-proof glass and aesthetically pleasant matching sight lines.
  • Sentinel Project-Out/Awning Windows: The CGI Sentinel Collection Series 238 Project-Out Window is not only beautiful, but it also outperforms its rivals in terms of quality and value. These project-out/awning windows have identical sightlines, allowing them to be switched between one another for a uniform appearance throughout your home.


CGI Sentinel Doors

  • Sentinel Sliding Glass Door: The CGI Sentinel Series 150 Sliding Glass Door, is impact-resistant and comes in a variety of sizes, including two-track (up to 4 panels), three-track (up to 6 panels), and four-track (up to 8 panels) configurations with or without pocketed doors and individual door panes as large as 4 ⅛’ x 10’. For a more elegant look, the mitered corner detail complements the overall design of these sliding glass doors. It also includes standard characteristics not found on comparable products, such as concealed installation fasteners and mitered corner detailing for beauty, tandem stainless steel rollers and fasteners for strength, a Class I anodized sill track, and an extruded screen that is built as tough as many door panels. It’s a versatile choice for any residence.
  • Sentinel French Doors: The CGI Sentinel Series 160 French Door has the same high standards of quality and accuracy that customers have come to expect from CGI. Their French Doors, unlike others on the market, include a patented hidden three-point lock mechanism that activates all three locking points with just one turn both in and out.
  • Sentinel Balcony Breeze Doors: The CGI Sentinel Series 165 Balcony Breeze inswing and outswing doors have an integrated single hung and are available in inswing or outswing versions. The 4.5″ frame depth makes installation easy, whether it’s in a new or retrofit situation.


Let All Glass & Windows Be Your CGI Dealer

Do you still have questions about CGI Sparta vs Sentinel products? All Glass & Windows has a team of experienced professionals ready to help you understand CGI Sparta vs Sentinel products and we’re ready here to consult with you on which products best align with your project. Contact us today to learn more about our CGI Sparta and Sentinel products and how we can help you create the ideal residence.

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