Double Hung Window vs. Single Hung Window: What’s The Difference?

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Double Hung Window vs. Single Hung Window: What’s The Difference?

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Whether due to age, a desire for hurricane readiness, or new construction, selecting the windows for your home might be on the home improvement wish list this year or part of a new construction project.

You will find many options for styles and designs, so how do you choose which window is right for your house? Many homes include single hung windows and double hung windows, but buyers are not always sure what the differences are between these two styles.

Energy efficiency, price, and style count in choosing new residential glass windows, but your first decision will be whether you want a double hung window or a single hung window. These traditional frame types look the same from the exterior and are similar in many ways, but knowing how they are different can help you decide which is best for your Sarasota or Bradenton home.


Residential Glass Windows — What Is a Double Hung Window?

A more modern option, double hung windows have two sashes that can move up and down. These window sashes provide the main benefit of a double hung window in that it makes it easier to clean the outside of the window and allows for two openings for better ventilation.

Double hung window sashes hang inside the frame, with each sash able to slide up or down for ventilation. These sashes then tilt in when you want to clean them.

Being able to open both sashes of a window also allows for better airflow in steamy, humid rooms like kitchen and bathrooms to stave off odor issues and mildew growth.


Residential Glass Windows — What Is a Single Hung Window?

With a single hung window, only the bottom sash moves up and down. Single hung windows have been around since the 17th century, so you are more likely to find them in older, historic homes. They are charming in more traditional dwellings, but today’s single hung windows are available in more modern styles such as black frames.

A single hung window is a cost-effective choice for a new build or replacement window as there are fewer moving parts. This lack of hardware makes for an easier installation and a cost-benefit if you plan to replace multiple windows in a single residence.

Because only one sash can move on a single hung window, this style is also considered more energy efficient by default. There is less potential for an air leak with less seal surface.


Which Is Better — a Single Hung Window or Double Hung Window?

In comparing a double hung window vs. single hung window, what is better comes down to your particular need.

If you are replacing windows in a room that needs adequate ventilation, a double hung window can give you extra airflow. From a practical standpoint, a double hung window style helps keep windows clean, especially on the second floor.

If you are considering a single vs. double hung window, you can count on a lower cost for single hung windows and installation. They also provide a more consistent seal, which makes them more energy efficient.


Ready to Replace or Buy New Residential Glass Windows?

Single and double hung window frames provide your home with the design style and energy efficiency you want. Choosing between the two types comes down to priorities in what your home needs and cost. Both give you a classic look that works with many Sarasota and Bradenton home styles.

If you need more information about window types and installation, contact us to talk to a member of our expert team at All Glass & Windows. We can assess your window needs and provide a quote for your project as well.

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