Why Homeowners Are Choosing Glass Front Doors

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August 10, 2021
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Why Homeowners Are Choosing Glass Front Doors

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In 2017, there were over 30 million homes that had at least one glass door installed. Today, with material improvements, innovative styles, and new products, glass doors are having a moment. So it’s safe to say that glass doors are catching on, and it might be time for you to invest in one for your home for style and functionality.

But why are homeowners turning to glass front doors? What are the benefits of installing a glass front door?

There are quite a few reasons homeowners, builders, and architects are selecting glass front doors. This article will break down many of these benefits to help you understand why glass front doors are showing up more and more.


Are Glass Front Doors Safe?

The first question that people have regarding glass front doors is their safety. What if someone peeks through my glass front door? Will it break easily during hurricanes or a burglary?

The answers to those questions are simple. Modern glass front doors are made with tempered or reinforced glass that make them much more durable than other types of glass. Glass front doors also do not have to be completely see-through. There are plenty of frosted, slightly obscured glass doors that serve the need for privacy. But other than security and durability, what other reasons are there to consider glass front doors?


The View

One of the best perks of owning glass front doors is the view. Homeowners nowadays are relishing the opportunity to bring the outdoor scenery into their homes.


Natural Light

Another critical factor for why homeowners choose glass front doors is the benefit of getting additional natural light to flood their residence. A glass front door can bring in the sun more effectively than other front door styles.


Curb Appeal

Glass front doors look nice from the outside and create an inviting entrance for friends and family. So if you want to boost your home’s visual appeal from the outside, then glass front doors are the way to go.


Easy Maintenance

Glass front doors have an edge over wood or even metal doors in that they are much easier to maintain. No rust or mold will build up on the glass, and simply cleaning the glass will keep it sparkling.


Different Types of Glass Front Doors

As we have established, there are plenty of reasons why glass front doors are in vogue. Not only that, there are plenty of different glass front door options you can choose from to fit the style of your home. All Glass & Windows offers multiple glass front door manufacturers that all produce exquisite products. In addition, each type of glass front door is unique and offers different benefits to homeowners.

  • Decorative Glass Doors: Decorative glass doors have elaborate designs that differ in texture and composition. They are excellent for bringing a little style to your front door.
  • Clear Glass Door: Clear glass is perfect if you want to have a little more natural light in your home. You can also see your visitors at the doorstep and provides a more inviting look to your home.
  • Insulated Glass: Insulated glass doors have multiple layers to protect your home from inclement weather or extreme temperatures. If your area experiences sweltering temperatures, insulated glass doors are something homeowners, architects and builders should consider.


Invest In a Glass Front Door Today

Glass front doors benefit homeowners in more ways than just appearance. Use this guide to help you decide whether to invest in a glass front door and which option you should choose to complete the look of your home. If you would like additional guidance, our team of experts is ready to discuss your specific project and show you options for your home.

Are you looking to install glass front doors or windows? Contact us today, and we’ll provide the best services you can find in the Sarasota, Florida, area.

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