Hurricane Windows & Glass Doors: When to Buy Hurricane Windows

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Hurricane Windows & Glass Doors: When to Buy Hurricane Windows

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Homeowners in Florida face challenges that others across the nation do not. Whether your primary residence is in the Sarasota area or your own a vacation home in Sarasota county, it’s imperative your home is ready for hurricane season with hurricane windows.

Although hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th, your investment in hurricane windows and glass doors should be completed well before the summer kicks in.

If you’re building a new home or looking to make upgrades to your existing one, having a game plan for your purchase of hurricane windows and glass doors will simplify the process.

At the beginning of the year, we suggest you start doing your research. Determine what you need (how many hurricane windows, doors, special features, etc.) and start to get referrals. You can always ask your neighbors, your builder, and also look at reviews and testimonials for local providers. You can also ask to speak with previous customers so you can hear directly from them about their personal experiences.

Once you narrow down the companies you’re interested in, request a quote. Within that quote, make sure you’re receiving information about the products they use (why do they chose these products, what type of experience do they have installing these products, etc.), what they charge for installation and what their timeline would be for installation of hurricane windows and glass doors.

Quotes can look very different if you only look at the total cost, so it’s imperative you understand what is behind that number and understand that going with the lowest quote is not always the best.

Depending on the company’s availability or your construction schedule, the end goal is to have your new hurricane windows and glass doors installed before June 1st. Understand that you’re not the only one trying to hit this deadline so adding a buffer if possible is suggested.

Purchasing hurricane windows and glass doors shouldn’t be a complicated process, it’s really all about timing. Making sure you take advantage of the hurricane season down-time (December through May), to do as much upfront work as possible so you can prepare to have everything installed before June 1st will give you peace of mind and ensure you’re protected if a storm hits.

Why you should consider All Glass & Windows for hurricane windows and doors in Sarasota, Florida, and other coastal regions, to keep you safe from hurricanes and other types of tropical weather.

  • All Glass & Windows has been serving Sarasota, Florida and other coastal areas for more than 60 years of industry experience.
  • We provide Floridians with products manufactured and built in Florida. Some of our manufacturers include Kolbe, PGT, Marvin, CGI, Signature Door and WinDoor.
  • Our goal is to work closely with our clients to ensure they select the right hurricane windows and doors for their property and the installation process is seamless.

If you’d like to hear what our customers have to say about us, check out our testimonials and feel free to reach out and get a free quote.

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