Impact Windows: The Importance of Playing it Safe

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August 22, 2019

Impact Windows: The Importance of Playing it Safe

Hurricane Impact Windows

In Florida, June through November can be a bit stressful. It’s important to know the Sunshine State isn’t always sunny, especially during hurricane season. Floridians are all too familiar with the devastation Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Irma brought to both coasts. So, now is the time to think about how you can protect your business, home and the people that reside within both.

When it comes to installing new residential glass or commercial glass, safety is a priority. Some of our customers ask us, “Do I need to have impact windows installed or is there something else I should consider?” Florida poses a lot of unique challenges that other states don’t face- hurricanes. Whether it’s high impact winds or a Category 3 hurricane, Floridians are forced (by law) to play it safe and install impact windows. In fact, if you live within one mile of the Florida coastline, it’s mandatory that you have impact windows installed when building a commercial project or a new residential home.

But just because your commercial or residential project isn’t within one mile of the coast, you still need to consider how an impact window can keep your investment safe. There are many products you can choose from when selecting the right impact windows for your project. Working with a reputable partner (like All Glass & Windows) will ensure you select exactly the glass type you need, with options for performance level, type of glass, and tint.

Outside of keeping people safe, impact windows offer other advantages. Some insurance companies will provide discounts when impact windows are installed in homes. Also, since an impact window is meant to help against the harshest of elements, it can also assist with keeping the Florida heat out. An impact window gives you insulating qualities that help protect your interior from high impact winds, heat and even sound. Another thing to keep in mind is your electric bill. Impact windows do the job of keeping the elements out while keeping your air conditioning in. Bonus, impact windows offer energy efficiency!

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Impact Windows
Impact Windows

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