Explore Impact Resistant Windows & Doors in the Marvin Signature® Coastline Collection

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Explore Impact Resistant Windows & Doors in the Marvin Signature® Coastline Collection

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Storms can be dangerous for homes, no matter where they are. Coastal residences have the additional danger of being battered by strong winds and constant rain, leading to flooding and damage from storms. One line of impact resistant windows and doors that are designed to withstand hail and hurricane damage is the Marvin Signature® Coastline collection. The Marvin Signature Coastline collection features impact resistant windows and doors intended to handle the worst storms in Florida.

In April of 2021, Marvine introduced a new line to their existing Marvin Signature collection of windows and doors. The Marvin Signature Coastline collection was announced as bringing “strength and beauty for coastal environments.” With this announcement, Marvin shared that since its acquisition of SIW impact resistant windows and doors in 2018, they were rebranding these products as Marvin Signature Coastline collection.


What Are Impact Resistant Windows and Doors?

Impact resistant windows and doors are precisely what the name says. They are designed to withstand a certain amount of impact from items such as hail or debris carried by the wind in a storm or hurricane.

The Marvin Signature Coastline collection provides homeowners with impact resistant windows and doors. The doors and windows in this collection are made of impact glass with an extruded aluminum frame that is reinforced. As a result, they can resist flying debris from tropical storms and hurricanes and do not need additional protective measures such as shutters or wood boards.

The Florida Board of Building Regulations adopted the Hurricane Protection Construction Code, including an impact code protecting against coastal storms and wind damage. As part of this impact code, all Coastline products in the state of Florida must meet the most stringent hurricane impact code requirements and provide the benefit of panoramic views with top-notch protection and peace of mind. The Coastline product line is part of Marvin Ultimate and Elevate, including impact-rated products from other Marvin Coastal Solutions collections.

Paul Marvin, CEO of Marvin, explains, “Confidence in quality is of the utmost importance—especially in areas that experience hurricanes and tropical storms. With Marvin Coastline, homeowners can rest easy knowing their windows will stand up to harsh weather, and the high-end design of these products means they can love the way their home looks, too.”


Made in Florida: Marvin Coastline Impact Resistant Windows and Doors

In West Palm Beach, Florida, the Coastline impact resistant doors and windows are built in a state-of-the-art plant. As a result, Coastline impact resistant windows and doors are available in various materials, shapes, configurations, and design choices.


Marvin Coastline: Designed for Coastal Views, Engineered for Coastal Weather

With limitless possibilities and unsurpassed protection, the Marvin Coastline collection gives homeowners, architects, designers, and contractors everything they need to achieve optimal hurricane resistance without sacrificing design.

  • Impact Resistant: Coastline is designed to withstand the vast winds and flying debris produced by a tropical storm or hurricane with superior coastal performance. Coastline products have been approved by the demanding state and county regulations of Miami-Dade County, Florida. Coastline products give you peace of mind that your home is secure without requiring you to take special precautions every time there’s a danger of severe weather.
  • Exquisite Design: Coastline impact resistant doors and windows are created with the best levels of craftsmanship at Marvin’s, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in South Florida. These high-quality impact resistant windows and doors feature exquisite craftsmanship, including handcrafted details and excellent finish and fit. They provide a clean, shutter-free, well-maintained appearance to any residence or commercial property while providing a beautiful aesthetic that enhances any space. Even with years of direct sun exposure, Marvin’s industrial-grade paints endure corrosion caused by humid conditions and salty air, as well as fading.


The Design Possibilities are Endless with Marvin Coastline

For the most exacting builders, architects, and homeowners, Coastline is the ideal option. Create an aperture 33 feet wide with a bi-fold door, or make an architectural feature with a glass pivot door 10 feet high to take advantage of the spectacular ocean vistas. Coastline windows and doors are highly adaptable, with various widths and profiles of muntins, allowing you to create one-of-a-kind solutions for even the boldest design ideas. Design will never have to be compromised with this collection of impact resistant windows and doors.


Coastline Impact Resistant Windows

  • Awning windows- even with damp conditions, let air flow freely into any home
  • Casement windows- hard-to-reach areas still deserve amazing views. Casement windows are ideal for spaces like over a counter or sink
  • Horizontal roller window- a glider window has an operational sash with sturdy brass tandem rollers for simple operation.
  • Specialty picture windows- Available in hundreds of shapes, create an architectural statement in your residence
  • Storefront windows- These windows, whether used in a commercial or residential environment, allow you to enjoy expansive views while also blurring the distinction between indoors and outdoors


Coastline Impact Resistant Doors

  • Glass bifold doors- near the coast, bifold glass doors allow natural light and stunning views
  • Entry doors- with options like wood grade finish, one of a kind ornamental iron design, or lead glass, create a first impression that no visitor will forget
  • Multi-slide doors- these doors may be placed at either a 90-degree corner angle or in the middle, and the panels can be folded into a wall pocket.
  • Swinging French doors- French doors with split lite patterns and unique finishes provide an individualized and traditional design style
  • Pivot doors- Coastline collection pivot doors allow you to match any decor or style while providing impact resistance to your residence


Why All Glass Should be Your Impact Resistant Windows and Doors Dealer

All Glass & Windows can assist you in determining and selecting the ideal Signature Coastline impact resistant doors and windows for your next project. Would you like to visit our impact resistant windows and doors showroom, learn more about design and performance options, or request a project estimate? As a Marvin dealer, we are specialists who will be glad to assist you. To ensure you receive the best impact-resistant window and door solutions for your unique project, contact us online, call us at 941-379-9555 or visit our showroom.

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