Residential Windows – PGT Casement Windows

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Residential Windows – PGT Casement Windows

Residential Windows - PGT Casement Windows - Casement Window

What are Casement Windows?

A casement window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges on the left or right side. Casement windows, a type of residential windows, are used singly or in pairs within a standard frame, with hinges on the outside. Much like a door, a casement window has a crank that allows for optimal ventilation. Casement windows have no center rail to obstruct the view, making them ideal for locations where homeowners want to enjoy the outside scenery.

PGT Casement Windows – Residential Windows

At PGT Custom Windows + Doors, every aspect of their work is created with relationships at heart—building products for every day and once in a lifetime. For homeowners, this means peace of mind, no matter the weather. PGT offers numerous types of residential windows, including casement windows. PGT has casement windows in both aluminum and vinyl to address the needs of any homeowner. Explore PGT’s casement windows:

PGT WinGuard® Vinyl Casement Windows (CA5540)

PGT EnergyVue® Vinyl Casement Windows (CA5440)

  • Available in single vent or custom units
    • Hinged for opening either left or right
  • Multi-point locking system
    • Provides added strength and security to casement windows
  • Washable hinge
    • A standard option for easy casement window cleaning from inside the home
  • Egress hinge option
    • Optional upgrade that meets egress requirement of 1 operation to unlock casement window
  • Nesting handle
    • Will not interfere with your casement window treatments
  • TrueHold heavy-duty hinge
    • Standard feature on larger casement window sizes ensures durability of sash operation
    • Optional upgrade on standard casement window sizes provides additional durability of sash operation


PGT WinGuard® Vinyl Fixed Architectural Casement Windows (PW5540)

PGT EnergyVue® Vinyl Fixed Architectural Casement Windows (AR5440)

PGT Architectural casement windows offer clean profiles and modern frames surrounding insulating glass.

  • Fixed (non-operable) Architectural casement windows used in conjunction with the casement window for matching sightlines.
  • Available in a variety of sizes that:
    • Provide a maximum amount of light
    • Can serve as standalone or companion residential windows
    • Come in 25 standard shapes, or custom residential window shapes available


PGT Aluminum Casement Windows - Residential Windows from PGT


PGT ClassicVue® Aluminum Casement Windows (CA640)

PGT WinGuard® Aluminum Casement Windows (CA740)

PGT aluminum casement windows are built to withstand some of life’s most demanding situations

  • Aluminum casement windows hinge on the right or left and can be opened by turning a handle
  • Multi-point locking system for residential window added strength and security
  • Egress hinge
  • Optional washable hinge for easy cleaning from inside the home
  • Optional fold-away handle that will not interfere with your window treatments
  • Standard residential windows glass options
  • Aluminum casement windows are available in various configurations
  • Aluminum casement windows come with a standard screen


PGT manufactures in Florida and distributes to customers and families around the world, and they are proud to serve your building needs with a clear purpose. All Glass and Windows offers multiple PGT windows and doors, so we invite you to reach out with any questions so we can match you with the right residential windows and doors. Call us today at 941.379.9555 for a quote and see how we can help you with your Sarasota glass windows and doors.

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