5 Reasons You Should Consider PGT French Doors for Your Home

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5 Reasons You Should Consider PGT French Doors for Your Home

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There is something to be said about standing with a steaming hot cup of coffee in your hands, leaning against the solid frame of your French doors, basking in the morning sunlight, and admiring your backyard garden.

French doors are a perfect way to add style and a touch of natural light to your home. So how do you shop for the ideal French doors? Keep reading to find out why we think you should consider PGT French doors to add a touch of perfection to your home.


French Doors Provide Excellent Air Flow

Opting for PGT French doors allow you to maximize the amount of airflow into your home. French doors allow double the amount of natural air and light into your home than you would receive with a traditional single door. Also, French door sidelights are available to extend the viewing area outdoors. Swing open your PGT French doors and let the fresh air in.


Let in the Light in PGT French Doors

Since PGT French doors have large glass panes, this means increased natural light will flood your home. From sunrise to sunset, the large glass panes of these doors will let the maximum amount of daylight into your home. PGT offers homeowners the option of including grids with their French door panes for a traditional aesthetic or no grids for a more modern version. Also, glass tints can help you create the perfect amount of light in any room.


Incredible Durability

With PGT French doors, you receive a durable, long-lasting product. The glass itself is high-quality, and the materials used are robust. This level of quality means that your new set of French doors will stand the test of time and wear and tear of any lifestyle. PGT French doors are built to resist corrosion even in the salty air of coastal areas. They also come in both impact and non-impact versions.


Increased Space for Entry and Exit

Does your family entertain often? With PGT French doors, you maximize what you’re able to move in and out of your home at the drop of a hat.
By being able to swing both doors open, you can move tables and large pieces of furniture in and out of your home with ease. This feature invites more gatherings outside, instead of cramming everyone indoors.


Brilliant Beauty with French Doors

PGT French doors add a touch of sophistication to your home. With their crisp, clean look and large glass panels, any room can be transformed to be beautiful space with PGT French doors. Depending on the door style, buyers can select from a multitude of frame colors and glass tints. Homeowners even have the option of black French doors, which is a trend going into 2021.


Choose PGT French Doors for Your Home

Choosing PGT French doors for your home offers multiple options. With six French door styles to select from, homeowners are guaranteed to find the right door for their residence. From high durability to increasing the space for entry and exit and amplifying the beauty of your home, you cannot go wrong. Remember that the right set of French doors can add to both the interior and exterior beauty of your home, so they’ll always add value.

At All Glass & Windows, we can help you with your PGT French doors; contact us now. We’re excited to be a trusted door and window dealer in the Bradenton or Sarasota area and look forward to helping you select the right PGT French doors for your home.

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