Door Styles: Pivot Doors vs. Bifold Patio Doors

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December 18, 2019
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Door Styles: Pivot Doors vs. Bifold Patio Doors

Door Styles

Door Styles: What Are Pivot Doors?

Pivot doors can make an architectural statement, to any home or commercial space. This style of door gets its name because it rotates on a spindle instead of hinges. Pivot doors are normally larger than average doors which is why they are used as statement pieces in both interior and exterior projects.

Depending on the manufacturer, the pattern of swing for pivot doors can have many options. The spindle (where the door rotates) can be placed in the center, left or right side of the door. These options let buys select unique looks for their homes or commercial spaces.


Door Styles: What are pivot doors?


In residential projects, pivot doors are being used as front doors. Pivot door’s “wow factor” makes a grand entrance for today’s homeowner looking to make a grand first impression. They also work in the interior as office doors, spa entrances, workout room doors or anywhere you may have historically considered having french doors. Homeowners are turning to pivot doors because their large glass panels create the indoor/outdoor feel and their oversized footprint (taller and wider than most doors) is popular along with other large door styles that are trending.


Door Styles: What Are Bifold Patio Doors?

The trend of bringing the outdoors in can also be achieved with today’s bifold patio doors. This door style allows you to have multiple panes (most of the time the customer can customize this depending on the manufacturer) that slide to the side to offer a full, nonobstructed view of the outdoors. Bifold doors can be thought of as accordion doors. Either all opening to the left, the right or down the middle and folding out to both sides. Some manufacturers even make bifold doors that can meet at a 90-degree corner to open up your home even more.


Door Styles: What are bifold patio doors?


For homeowners or commercial space owners that want to have an open-air feeling with the option of being protected from the elements or only having part of their space open to the outdoors, bifold doors are a great option. The ability to configure how much your space you want to be exposed to the outside makes these a great choice for areas that experience inclement weather or temperature fluctuations.

Whether you choose a pivot door as your glass front door or patio bifold doors to open up your backyard space into your home, you will have chosen architectural details that will impress anyone that visits your house.

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