Sliding Glass Doors – What Are Multi Slide Patio Doors?

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Sliding Glass Doors – What Are Multi Slide Patio Doors?

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Sliding glass doors come in all shapes and sizes. When working with our customers at All Glass & Windows, they demand doors that allow them to celebrate their views, while protecting them from the elements. With Euro-Wall’s multi slide patio doors, our customers can have the safety of an impact-rated sliding door system while enjoying expansive views. Learn more about why we use the Euro Vista Multi Slide™ product for our customers’ homes.

What Are Multi Slide Patio Doors?

When selecting a sliding door system, homeowners must first take into consideration how large of an opening they have (or would like to have). A multi slide patio door is similar to a traditional sliding glass door but utilizing more operable panels. Multi-slide patio doors from Euro-Wall can be configured with up to eight panels that can open from the middle, from one side to another or there are additional configurations that can be created. Multi slide patio doors give homeowners the flexibility to create unique openings that bring the outdoors inside.

Why Does All Glass & Windows Use Euro-Wall’s Euro Vista Multi-Slide?

All Glass & Windows only works with manufacturers that offer long-lasting, beautiful products. Euro-Wall is a Florida-based company that has extensive experience building products for coastal regions and ensuring they stand up to the elements. Euro-Wall’s impact-rated sliding door system offers one of the smallest interlock sightlines (at less than 1″), some of the largest panel heights (at 144” tall) and widths (at a max of 96”) and a flush embedded sill that meets water rating standards without the need of a sill riser. Euro-Wall’s multi-slide patio door is approved for use in Miami-Dade and Florida HVHZ Zones. The slim sightline profile allows for the largest views and the maximum panel to glass ratios. The Euro Vista Multi Slide panels can span up to 70 sq ft with heights up to 12′ and widths up 8’ all while maintaining an impact rating for inclement weather areas in Florida. These over-sized panels glide open and closed effortlessly due to the patented EZ Glide™ roller system. The sill can be embedded flush with the finish floor and can meet water ratings without the need of a sill riser.

Euro Vista Multi Slide Patio Doors Features

  • Thin Profile Sliding Door System: Interlocking panels have a sight line profile width of less than 1” providing the largest uninterrupted view available from any impact rated multi slide onthe market
  • Sliding Patio Door with Water Rated Flush Sill – No Sill Riser: Flush track with finished floor – enjoy the security of a HVHZ water rating without 2”, 3” or 4” risers
  • Up to 8 Panels with Pocket Option: Up to 8 sliding glass door panels in any direction – pockets approved with all configurations
  • Extrusions: Extruded aluminum 6063-T5 with sliding glass door panel corner keys provide industry leading strength and security
  • Sliding Patio Door Handle Hardware: Stainless steel components with corrosion resistant material – salt spray tested 500 hours. Also, homeowners can select from white, brushed satin, bronze, black, and even custom colors for their sliding doorsystem handle hardware
  • Impact Rated Panel Sizes: Enjoy large uninterrupted views with up to 70 sq ft Florida Product Approved panels (up to 12’ heights and 8’ widths)
  • Aesthetics: Wood cladding option available and four frame and door panel colors to choose from (including white, clear anodized, bronze and black). Interior wood clad finish options include Douglas fir, mahogany / sapele, white oak, as well as additional wood species to select from
  • FL 27423: Tested for use in Miami-Dade and Florida HVHZ Zones
  • Long Lasting Finish: Standard finish coating is AAMA 2605, the highest quality finish available
  • Thermal Requirements: Tested for thermal requirements for both residential and commercial usage
  • Easy Sliding Glass Door Operation: The EZ Glide™ Roller System and anti-slam hardware makes the Euro Vista Multi Slide™ a safe and effortless sliding glass door system to operate
  • Multi Slide Patio Doors 10 Year Warranty: Euro-Wall warrants their products to be free from manufacturing defects for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase

All Glass & Windows offers a variety of multi slide patio doors and sliding glass doors that can help customers achieve long-term performance and breathtaking views. Contact us today to learn more about sliding glass doors.

About Euro-Wall

Euro-Wall, founded in Florida, specializes in manufacturing custom fenestration products that meet the stringent Florida building code and market. Euro-Wall door systems are built for both interior and exterior applications.

Whether a residential or commercial application, their Florida Product Approved folding door systems have high load capacities, strong panels, and multiple glass and door options. This versatility has made them a great choice for architects, builders, and homeowners when choosing large opening folding, sliding, and stacking door systems.

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