Residential Glass Doors: Understanding the Multiple Styles of Residential Glass Doors

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February 15, 2021
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March 9, 2021

Residential Glass Doors: Understanding the Multiple Styles of Residential Glass Doors

Residential Glass Doors - Residential Glass Door - Glass Door Styles - Residential Doors

Selecting residential glass doors can be overwhelming. But whether you are exploring french doors for an at-home office, sliding glass doors for an exit to the backyard, or an awe-inspiring glass front door to greet visitors, residential glass doors are everywhere.

But how do you select the correct style of residential glass doors? Different residential glass doors have unique uses and benefits for your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall function. In this guide, we will review popular styles to help you choose the right ones.


What Are Residential Glass Doors?

It is essential to distinguish residential glass doors from other types. One of the differences lies in the thickness, as residential glass doors are thicker than interior doors. This thickness protects homeowners from the elements outside as well as adding additional security in some cases.

In terms of uses, residential glass doors can be installed off a porch, deck, kitchen, living room, bedroom, and even as the main entrance to a residence. When utilized as the main entrance, residential glass doors are usually fitted with one or more panels enclosed by wood. When glass doors are used for porches or decks, they are typically made of all glass. These doors may be French doors, sliding glass doors, bifold doors, or pivot doors.

Homeowners might also use residential glass doors for interior purposes, like in bathrooms, pantries, or offices. These often include privacy glass.

Now, let us review the types of residential glass doors, and what are they typically used for throughout a home.


Styles of Residential Glass Doors

When it comes to residential glass doors, there are a wide variety of styles to consider. These are the most common and versatile ones that you should consider when choosing residential glass doors for your home:


Residential French Doors

French doors can be made of lighter construction for interior applications or impact-resistant for the outdoors, all with glass panes. They are most commonly used for patios or interior offices. French doors can give the bare doorways of a home a more elegant look. They are suitable for bringing in extra sunlight since french doors are primarily glass.


Residential Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are the ideal passageways to patios and balconies. The horizontal motion allows for easier entry and exit. Sliding glass doors (sometimes called patio doors) are excellent choices for rooms with an expansive exterior view. Homeowners can gaze outside while keeping the door shut and easily walk onto a patio by sliding them open or creating ample openings with multi-panel sliding glass doors.


Bifold Residential Glass Doors

Homeowners can install bifold glass doors near patios or deck entrances. They can open up a large area of space through a single roller system. Not only do bifold patio doors let in plenty of natural light, but they also allow for easy indoor and outdoor access.


Residential Lift and Slide Doors

Lift and slide residential glass doors allow you to lift panels off their track and glide the door panels open or closed. The handle lowers the panels for a tight fit when you need to close them. They save space, provide unencumbered views, and are more secure and soundproof than other sliding glass doors.


Pivot Residential Glass Doors

Pivot residential glass doors open by swinging around on an asymmetrical axis. Pivot glass doors give your home a distinct stylistic statement while also being incredibly durable and safe.


Front Residential Glass Doors

What is better than introducing your guests with an elegant glass entry door? Entry glass doors are the perfect statement while being remarkably secure and durable.


Leverage Residential Glass Doors Today

Residential glass doors can do a lot for your home’s aesthetic while providing plenty of practical use. Use this article to find the right residential glass door style and elevate your home’s appeal.
Want to know more about residential glass doors? Do you live in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas? Contact us today, and we can get you started on the right products for your home.

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