The Essential Guide to PGT WinGuard Windows and Doors

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The Essential Guide to PGT WinGuard Windows and Doors

PGT WinGuard - WinGuard Windows and Doors - PGT WinGuard Window - PGT WinGuard Door

Every year we see about a dozen named storms, six hurricanes, and three major hurricanes rip through the U.S.

Homeowners need durable, impact-resistant windows and doors to protect their residences and belongings inside. Luckily, PGT WinGuard® has been at the forefront of building such products for more than a decade.

Are you considering purchasing PGT WinGuard windows and doors? If so, then read on to find out about their unique products and their benefits for your home.


PGT WinGuard Aluminum Windows and Doors

Aluminum windows and doors are the ideal product for protection against winds, hurricanes, and storms. PGT has some of the most impact-resistant and proven aluminum products in the world.

When it comes to aluminum windows, PGT WinGuard offers multiple window styles to meet homeowners’ needs. PGT WinGuard window styles include:

  • Aluminum Single Hung Window -This traditional aluminum window can go anywhere in your home. It provides excellent security while remaining incredibly durable.
  • Aluminum Horizontal Roller Window -Looking for a reliable kitchen or bathroom window? This aluminum option offers a modern style that’s exceptionally secure to boot.
  • Aluminum Casement Window -For a complete aluminum look, a casement window is a great option. The foldaway handle prevents any curtain interference for ease-of-use.
  • Aluminum Awning Window -PGT’s aluminum awning windows allow your home to be showered with natural light. Homeowners can install awning windows in high places for maximum usage.
  • Aluminum Picture Window -If you want to take advantage of beautiful views outside your home, PGT WinGuard’s picture window is your best bet. It lets in plenty of natural light for any living room.
  • Aluminum Architectural Window -WinGuard’s aluminum architectural windows come in different sizes and shapes. Architectural windows can go anywhere in your home for boosted aesthetic appeal.
  • Aluminum Casement Picture Window -If you want copious natural lighting in your room, this glass window is the one for you. It’s an excellent aluminum non-operable window option.


When it comes to aluminum doors, PGT WinGuard offers multiple door styles for homeowners to select from the WinGuard line. Aluminum PGT WinGuard doors include:

  • Preferred Sliding Glass Door -This aluminum sliding glass door is easy to use and extremely secure. It lets in natural light just as well.
  • Premium Sliding Glass Door -Like the Preferred Sliding Door, the Premium option allows plenty of natural light to flow into a home. Not only that, the aluminum finish makes it extremely durable.
  • Essential French Door -The two-point locking system for this French door makes it ideal for patios and bedrooms. It even comes with optional matching sidelights.
  • Preferred French Door -This WinGuard European-style door is impact-resistant but doesn’t skimp on style. It’s an elegant yet durable option for any home.


PGT WinGuard Vinyl Windows and Doors

The diversity of PGT WinGuard doors and windows does not stop with aluminum. This line also offers homeowners vinyl window and door options. Vinyl WinGuard windows and doors come in plenty of styles. Let’s take a look at some of them here.

WinGuard vinyl windows offer better protection for your home with impact-resistant strength that stands the test of life. WinGuard vinyl window styles include:

  • Vinyl Single Hung Window -With exceptional strength and durability, the vinyl WinGuard single hung window undoubtedly enhances your home security. It’s also custom-fit for any home.
  • Vinyl Double Hung Window -The WinGuard double-hung window is versatile yet secure. The double-hung window’s removable sashes allow for easier cleaning.
  • Vinyl Horizontal Roller Window -Not only is the horizontal roller window easy to clean, but it also has PGT’s patented SecureConnect corner keys. These keys offer extra strength on top of the sturdy material.
  • Vinyl Casement Window -Are you looking for a perfect kitchen or bathroom window? The PGT WinGuard vinyl casement window allows you to get rid of humidity in those rooms fast.
  • Vinyl Awning Window -This vinyl awning window is perfect for high spaces. Pair with casement and fixed windows, you’ve got yourself a vessel for natural light.
  • Vinyl Picture Window -The WinGuard picture window is excellent for expanding your living room view. The picture window laminated glass is perfect for letting in natural light.
  • Vinyl Architectural Window -The PGT WinGuard architectural window comes in various shapes and styles. Use this architectural window to boost your room’s visual flair.
  • Vinyl Casement Picture Window -This WinGuard vinyl window maximizes how much light goes into your room. It’s great when paired with awning windows.
  • Vinyl Casement Architectural Picture WindowThis window style is another great option to boost your room’s aesthetic appeal. It’s perfect for optimizing your room’s natural lighting.


With more than four million WinGuard® products installed worldwide, PGT has received zero reported impact failures. WinGuard doors (and windows) significantly reduce ambient noise by up to 65%, keeping outside disruptions where they belong. Explore the entire PGT WinGuard vinyl door collection below:

  • Preferred Sliding Glass Door -Got a room with high traffic? The vinyl Preferred sliding glass door’s easy operation has got you covered.
  • Preferred French Door -This vinyl French door is corrosion-resistant and extremely energy-efficient. It’s a perfect fit for coastal homes.


What’s Trending with PGT WinGuard Windows and Doors?

PGT has recently been investing in black windows and doors within their WinGuard collection. Why? Because black windows and doors are proving to be excellent alternatives to traditional white and muted shades. A black door or window frame is not only unexpected but provides endless styling opportunities.

PGT’s aluminum black windows and door options include:


All vinyl black windows and doors options include:


Does All Glass & Windows Offer All PGT WinGuard Windows and Doors?

Yes! Customers can contact All Glass and Windows for any residential window and door needs. Our team will help you select the ideal WinGuard windows and doors. We have been a leading WinGuard dealer in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas for years.


Purchase PGT WinGuard Windows and Doors Today

Are you interested in learning more about PGT WinGuard windows and doors? We’ve got the very best options in both the Sarasota and Bradenton areas.

Contact us today and get your hands on WinGuard’s winning products.

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